The Certificate of Employability(CoE) is an educational, workforce development-based program designed to supply well-prepared job candidates to employers looking to fill entry level positions. Our goal is to create a workforce that understands what employers seek in their employees.

Prior to the creation of the CoE, the Chamber of Schenectady County gathered information from more than 100 local employers regarding what their most prominent needs were. Time and again the feedback included the need for work-ready personnel. Employers expect to provide the training needed to execute the specific tasks of the job. What they identified as missing were the soft skills: properly filled out the applications, sound interviewing skills, appropriate professional attire, punctuality and adherence of company rules. Sound familiar?

The CoE program is a 30-hour curriculum that imparts the soft skills requested those voices. The interactive sessions help those engaged in the program to discover their potential skill sets and attributes. Currently the program is being utilized by our county school districts, numerous nonprofits and Schenectady Job Training Agency.

The Business and Education Partnership
Establishing the connection between learning and earning is the key to developing Schenectady County's future workforce.
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Essential Workplace Skills Regional Certificate
The Essential Workplace Skills are standards that are based on the needs of business regarding the skills all work ready applicants should have.
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The Certificate of Employability is a program of The Chamber of Schenectady County in conjunction with the
Business and Education Partnership and Schenectady County Community College. For more information call 518.372.5656.